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Calico Annie's Quilt Shop

Calico Annie's Quilt Shop    

About Us ~
   Anne always dreamed of having a quilt shop, so when the last child left the nest, she and her husband Arnie decided the time was right. With the help of some friends (including Rhonda), Anne and Arnie cleaned decades of dirt and grime from the old hardware store, added some modern electricity, lighting, and plumbing. Lo and behold - they morphed into Calico Annie and Calico Arnie!
   Anne and Rhonda tackled the task of stocking the store and BUYING FABRIC! Definitely more of a joy than a task! We opened our doors in February, 1999 and have truly enjoyed the time we spend here. We’ve made some fabulous friends and love sharing our passion of quilting.

Our Setting~
   We are so fortunate to have a beautiful antique building for our shop home. The building is nearly the same as when it was a hardware store in the late 1800’s. It is the perfect setting for our fabric . We have thousands of bolts nestled into the original floor-to-ceiling wood cabinets and counters. Some of the other interesting and handy features are a working hand pull elevator and a rolling ladder that traverses the length of the building. We did update the lighting, electricity, and that most necessary of modern conveniences – a bathroom!

Shop Hours:
Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
CLOSED Saturdays & Sundays

Calico Annie's Quilt Shop
210 Broadway, P.O. Box 661
Fullerton, NE 68638
Telephone: 308-536-2925


Calico Annie's Quilt Shop

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